Coba Anda lihat saja bagaimana atraksi balon sky dance ini bisa menggugah dan menyedot pemirsa publik untuk mendatangi event akbar Anda (coba anda perhatikan ini baik baik!)

Deskripsi ttg Balon Sky Dancer (Air dancer, Inflatable air dancer, Inflatable dancer, Fly guys)

Balon dansar uadara ini salah satu yang disukai untuk atraksi publik dan sebagai balon atraksi dan balon reklame outdoor, cocok untuk menarik pengunjung atau acara jakarta fair dan sejenisnya. Anda bisa print logo Anda di balon udara skydance ini. Balon Air Sky Dance ini menggunakan air blower di kaki kakinya..

Spesifikasi Balon Air SKYdancer ini adalah :

Tinggi : 4.5meter, Berat : 25kg, Desain bisa bebas terserah Anda
Jika menggunakan 2 kaki maka memerlukan air blower 2 unit, jika balon udara dancer ini memiliki 1 kaki maka menggunakan 1 blower udara di kakinya. Tentu harga akan berbeda jika menggunakan 1 kaki atau 2 kaki.

pada dasarnya bahan terbuat dari : Ripstop Nylon atau Parachute Material, waterproof, fireproof, UV protective sehingga balon skydancing ini dapat tahan panas bila ditaruh di tempat atraksi diluar.

Ukuran mulai dari 2.5m hingga 8m tingginya. Ukuran bisa Anda sesuaikan sesuai selera.



Air dancer/sky dancer is aerodynamic dancing inflatable that add fun and fantasy to events. They can be used for virtually anything such as promoting a sale, product or new store opening. Standing 6m tall or above, air sky dancer simply let passersby know what you do and where you are. Our air skydancers balloons include tube dancer, single leg air dancer, double legs air dancer. We have many colors and shapes for your options.

The skydancing balloon guy can be used as the advertising products in the company opening celebration, party and exhibition. This sky guy is made of the rip-stop nylon material (parachute material) which has a special UV protection that makes the air dancer more durable under the sun. This material has good ripping resistance performance.

A Great way to promote products, promote corporate logos and launch new products. This vast range of products can be used at sporting events, fairs, festivals, and parades. Broadcast your message in a big way.

Our inflatable products sets the standard for quality and service in the inflatable industry.

Advertising could not get more creative and you will surely benefit from our advertising inflatables that will catapult your business to greater heights of success! Inquire us for more information!

Promote your company by imprinting your company logo or slogan to the product, whether for your company event or corporate advertisement. Consider ordering gift items and party favors from us for any special occassions such as graduation, wedding, shower party or anniversary, Christmas and New Year celebration.

Easy set-up and delivery. Convenient temporary outdoor building for sales, exhibition, openings, celebrations, party events, concert, wedding, election, temporary warehouse, etc.

Large printing area for your advertising information. Once your logo printed, it will be an excellent eye-catching advertising tool.

1. Custom Designs available for different shape, size, colour, logo printings, etc.

2. Material: Ripstop Nylon or Parachute Material, waterproof, fireproof, UV protective that makes our air dancer more durable under the sun.

3. Size: Usually 2.5m to 8m High. We can also change the size according to customer’s requirement.



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